Financial Support 

Baker & Associates keeps you informed about the financial condition of your Association with thorough reporting and easy- to- understand advice and guidance.  Our basic services include the following items:

  • “Set up” of general ledger, customer accounts and vendor accounts
  • Implement billing and collection of account balances in accordance with By-Laws
  • Send, upon owner request, quarterly email reminders for upcoming assessments 
  • Pay vendor bills on a timely basis
  • Provide monthly reporting, including:
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Copies of bank statements
    • Schedule of cash disbursements, showing who was paid what & why
    • Schedule of accounts receivable balances
    • Budget vs. Actual reporting
  • Compile the Annual Budget, including a Full Year Forecast to use as a baseline
  • Provide audit support, as required
  • Attend Condo Association Meetings, as necessary
  • Handle bank requests for confirmation of owners’ dues paid
  • Distribute and File 1099-Misc for Independent Contractors
  • Initiate request for completion of W-9 forms
  • Provide “On demand” access to Association’s files and records with reasonable notice
  • Act as an “independent” review of vendor invoices and contract terms

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