Client Testimonials

“The Board of Directors for our condominium association considers Baker & Associates as not just our accounting firm but as an extension of our Board of Directors. They have helped us through the tough times our association experienced, leading us back to financial stability by acting as our resource to achieve that stability. We will forever be grateful for the help they provide to us. They are not just our accounting firm, they are part of our family.”

Rich – West Ocean City Condo Association


“I wanted to go into business for myself.  I found a Franchise that I felt met my personal needs and requirements.  Bob, with his knowledge and deep business experience, as well as his direct experience as President of a Franchise Company, agreed to help me evaluate the opportunity.  He provided invaluable insight into Franchising and was able to help me understand the intricacies of what it means to join a Franchise organization, both in general terms and specifics about my prospective opportunity.  In addition, I believe that his broad business background makes him extremely well suited to fulfill a variety of business consulting needs.”

R.D.G.H. Incorporated D/B/A Club Pilates – Edward G. Horan, President


“In my business practice I have worked across the country with many accounting and business service enterprises. In my capacity as a treasurer for my homeowner association I had the fortune to work with Baker & Associates. What a pleasure it has been to find a company that actually under promises and over delivers on a consistent basis”.

Terry – Delaware Condo Association


“We’ve used a large, national management firm and the service and response we get from Baker & Associates is dramatically better and more cost effective!”

Beth – Berlin HOA


“It’s been a true pleasure to work with Baker & Assoc. Not only do they effectively handle all of the financial requirements, they are also a valuable resource to answer the numerous questions that come up each year concerning our condo association. I strongly recommend them as a professional & efficient company.”

Brian – Mid Ocean City Condo Association


“The change from our management co. to Baker& Assoc. doing the financial administration has been a huge positive move. They are not only on time and accurate, but proactive in anticipating opportunities and potential problems. We would highly recommend their services!”

Wilson – Mid Ocean City Condo Association


“We’ve finally found a firm that provides the service level we expect, advice we can count on and unquestionable integrity!”

Ed – West Ocean City Condo Association


“In my 38 years of using condominium auditors, Baker and Associates is by far the most professional, reliable, and thorough. We can rely on the audit being completed in a timely way, helpful analysis and specific suggestions.”

Claire – Mid Ocean City Condo Association


“Baker & Associates has been a breath of fresh air for our condominium association! As a Board Member, I am pleased that they make our jobs much easier through timely financial reports, vast knowledge of the current financial market, and suggestions that have saved us thousands of dollars. This type of personal attention to our needs from a professional organization is priceless! I would highly recommend Baker & Associates to anyone.”

Cathy, South Ocean City Condo Association


“Baker & Associates are competent and easy to work with. Phone calls are always answered and data requests are promptly met. The reports they provide keep us fully informed. They have the full confidence of our condominium board of directors.”

Mel – North Ocean City Condo Association


“We have been using Baker & Associates for a large collection process which will take ten years. We are so pleased with their services and professionalism they have given us for the first two years. They are very easy to work with and can be trusted with unlimited funds. Thank you for doing a great job.”

Bob – Delaware Condo Association


“Our association has used Baker & Associates for many years for our annual audits; professionalism and thoroughness describes this company. I wish all companies could have their high standards.”

Bob – North Ocean City Condo Association


“We had our first audit this year and Vonnie made the process go very easily she was always available to answer any question and explain anything that I did not understand. I would recommend Baker & Associates to anyone.”

Rod – Mid Ocean City Condo Association


“With the help of Baker & Associates we have been able to improve our reporting process in a timely manner and in a way that is easily understood in layman terms for our association.”

John – Mid Ocean City Condo Association


“Honest, Reliable, Knowledgeable, and Hard-Working are the first words that come immediately to mind when you mention Baker and Associates to me. I can not think of any better words to describe the Accounting Firm I want to work with.”

Todd – Mid Ocean City Condo Association